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Our Leaders

Pack 185 is run by a committee made up of parents and volunteers. If you would like to be a part of the committee or just want to help out, please let us know. We are always looking for help! The committee typically meets once a month to plan and coordinate activities, conduct pack business and discuss upcoming events. Meetings are open to all parents, and parents are encouraged to attend. To find out about upcoming meetings, view the Calendar.

Dave Emanuel


Dave is responsible for running each Pack meeting and following the monthly theme as designated by the Boy Scouts of America. He approves all awards earned each month. He serves as a liaison to the Daniel Webster Council and he also sends out all communications to the Pack about monthly meetings and special events.
Tag McCormick


Tag serves as the Pack’s publicity mananger. He sends out press releases for special events and writes and designs the quarterly cubscout newsletter.
Lorrie Beaulieu

Committee Chair and Publicity

Lorrie is responsible for leading the pack committee, recruiting and processing new scouts, creating the yearly calendar, holding monthly pack committee meetings, and working with the Daniel Webster Council to renew the Pack charter annually.
DWC Liaison and Education

Jessica Sturtevant

Jessica is responsible for attending the Daniel Webster Council monthly round table meetings and relaying information to the pack leadership. She is the point of contact person for any district wide activity such as Fisher Cat game, Fenway Park, Monarch game etc. She also handles all paperwork (e.g. new applications etc.) with the council.
Kerry Rich

Awards Chair

Kerry is responsible for coordinating with den leaders and purchasing all awards, badges, and pins that the cub scouts earn. Each month, she ensures all requirements have been met and organizes the awards to be presented to the scouts at the Pack meeting. She also procures patches, pinewood derby cars, rockets and all other materials provided by the Scouting store.
Bill Beaulieu


Bill serves as the Pack’s treasurer. He creates an annual budget plan, produces monthly budget reports for the committee, collects dues, and approves and pays all bills and expenditures.
Name Den Leader Leader
Lions Den 5 Bethany Meierdiercks
Tigers Den 3 Carey Labore
Wolves Den 9 Kerry Rich Carolyn Barron
Bears Den 6 Ann LaPrade
Webelos I Den 2 Lorrie Beauileu Kerry Rich
AOL Den 10 Kyle Hollasch